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Junkyard Dawg (Fallout Mini) by JordanGreywolf Junkyard Dawg (Fallout Mini) by JordanGreywolf
Reaper Miniatures (Warlord) #14031 "Rageclaw Warrior" pewter gaming miniature, modified with paper, putty, and spare plastic "bits" from some Warhammer 40K (Games Workshop) Space Orkz, to represent an escaped genetic hybrid from a Vault experiment (Vault 122).  I didn't have enough of these guys to make a proper encounter group, so I decided instead to just make this an alternative pre-gen character for my Fallout-themed one-shot games at Necronomicon in 2015, as "Junkyard Dawg."  (The idea was that this fellow is fascinated with pre-war tech and culture, and loves putting stuff together -- not necessarily at all in the way it was originally intended -- and getting it to work.  It was a bit of a challenge to try to make a character who was both smart enough to mess with machinery, AND strong enough to be a melee brute in combat, but the Savage Worlds characters were all beefed up anyway -- starting at 25 xp rather than the novice default of 0 -- so I managed to make it work somehow.  

(His main drawback was that, while he had "machine-smarts," he still couldn't speak very well, and he had a bit of a glass jaw when it came to taking any damage.  He was the "runt of the litter" -- part of what provided an incentive to get away from others of his kind, and to take his chances out in the wasteland -- and despite looking bestial, he had no particular advantage in the way of "natural instincts" for survival, given that he'd grown up in a Vault.)

Kitbash-wise, the main alteration would be the swapping of a Space Ork power weapon for the kopesh the figure was originally holding.  I then used some epoxy putty to give the guy some pants, and - while I was at it - a jumbo-sized cap.  I originally pasted a tiny old John Deere logo on the front of the cap, and never quite got around to finishing the paint job (just got him "good enough for the table" -- or as good as I could in the time I had), and the mini ended up in a foam tray in the garage for a while.  BAD CHOICE on my part.  Silverfish or some other sort of bug apparently nibbled on that John Deere logo.  In revisiting my minis collection for upcoming Fallout scenarios in October, I thought this guy could use a little more detail work and some touch-up.  I finally got around to painting little details such as the cables and bolts on the axe, some "wear edges" for the scrap metal armor pieces (and caution stripes for a yellow hip guard piece), tried to touch up the cap a bit, added some "wear" to the trousers, and did some more detail work on the fur, face, and claws.

The wrecked car hood in the background is actually made of epoxy putty, from Japanese Clay (~"Instant Mold") temporary push-molds of a 1:43 scale toy 1948 "Woody."  I used it as part of upgrading a Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" Scrapyard tile (used as the floor/ground here), since it had a wrecked truck in the scrap heap, and I wanted the truck to look a little more "retro."  I ended up just covering up its blocky '80s-ish cowl with this replicated circa-1948 junked front portion instead.
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