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Ximena the Satyxis Pirate-Librarian
Player-character sketch for our Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign: Ximena, a Satyxis (human affected by "dragonblight") Raider/Pirate who also happens to be rather fond of books.  In our Iron Kingdoms "Unleashed" campaign, she became the keeper of a library established in the castle ruin that the heroes established a base in (and started to clean up as best they could), accumulating all sorts of strange additions.  Her favorites were what she claimed were "Orgoth Romance Novels" -- which, to any other reader (if one could read Orgoth), would be largely indistinguishable from horror.

(Iron Kingdoms, the Satyxis, and the Orgoth are properties of Privateer Press.)
IKRPG Agent of the Umbra
Plastic Dreamblade miniature re-based and touched up with acrylics in order to represent an otherworldly "umbral" spirit (also known as an "Infernal") for a recent Iron Kingdoms RPG scenario.  (Original miniature: "Chrysalis Spinner," Base Set.)

There are several official Iron Kingdoms miniatures to represent infernals (Umbral Warriors, Umbral Assassins, etc.), but a lot of the old d20 IKRPG artwork shows these entities as semi-amorphous, with lower bodies or hair or extremities drifting off like wisps, suggesting that they aren't QUITE solid in this reality.  The minis, however, look rather conventional, and when painted up make Infernals/Umbrals just look like "goth" types who like to dress all in black, sometimes with skullcaps, with bleach-white faces -- perhaps really caking on the makeup, or just in need of a bit more sun.  For the nature of this encounter, I wanted a mini that emphasized how NOT-human they were, even while keeping some of the more recognizable features.  The fact that it looks kind of fairy-ish works fine for me; the original faerie-folk of legend weren't the sort to be dealt with lightly.

Basically, the "Infernals" in the Iron Kingdoms setting are extra-dimensional entities who can warp reality and trade in souls, and follow a very peculiar set of rules when making such arrangements.  What they *do* with souls is pretty horrific, basically ripping them into segments -- within which the original soul still has some fragment of tormented self-awareness -- and fashioning those segments into warped creations, including monstrosities known as "decaconscripti."  In game terms, a player-character could theoretically agree to give up a "portion" of his soul in exchange for some sort of power that would otherwise be impossible to get (say, the granting of the gift of spellcasting), and the only immediate thing the player is going to see is a permanent decrease in a few stats.  However, there's always some sort of hidden extra cost, largely because it's pretty much impossible to exactly phrase the "contract" such that it can't be exploited in some way to make you end up regretting it (or, worse, tempted to come back and try to renegotiate).  It's one of those rare cases where a couple of ranks in "Law" are absolutely essential -- and even then, that only helps to *minimize* the damage.

E.g., you gave up a bit of your intellect?  Well, yes, right now we'll represent that by dropping your INT by 1.  Not so bad, is it?  Ah, but the PART of your intellect that was taken?  Congratulations!  You can now make no sense of written words or symbols, thus rendering certain skills nigh useless -- and of course you only discover this once you next try to read something, and it looks like meaningless gibberish, even though you wrote it YOURSELF.  ARGH!  (Short version: It's best not to deal with Infernals.  They're this setting's version of the cruel genie who twists the meaning of every wish.  It's just EXPECTED.)

This Dreamblade miniature -- originally just done in a bluish translucent plastic with a bit of paint on the "eye-gems" on the wings -- seemed like it would work with a little touch-up.  I used graphite gray instead of all-out black for the main body, and highlighted with a bit of "slate gray" (actually looks more like a blue-gray).  The face was painted white, but I applied a wash of "slate gray," then went back and touched up with some more white, and did the eyes and lips in graphite gray, with a couple of dots of tomato red (a slightly orange-ish red, which to me reads as a little "brighter" than flat red).  I dry-brushed the wings/arms with some more slate gray, and touched up the eyes/gems to give them outright pupils (graphite gray with white highlight).  There's also a bit of the original "silky" sheen to the plastic that shows up with the lighting.
Piper, Post-Apocalyptic Reporter
Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope #50143, "Agatha Fox, Female Spy" 25-32mm scale pewter gaming miniature, slightly modified with some epoxy putty, then painted in acrylics to represent a post-apocalyptic reporter in the Fallout setting.  Specifically, I was inspired by Piper, intrepid reporter for the "Publick Occurrences" {sic} newspaper of Diamond City, in Fallout 4.  

The hat (somehow it looked the right size when I added the putty, right up until I took the photo) and scarf are both custom additions.  For my Fallout games, I don't plan on having the very same Piper show up in my campaign (as, after all, none of my scenarios is set to take place in Boston), but I was painting up a few figures as survivors/settlers/civilians, and what with the figure's trenchcoat, thought it might be amusing to try to do an "homage" to Piper.

The benches in the background are laser-cut MDF-and-plastic kits from Warsenal, with some custom-printed seat-back signs (cobbled together from existing Fallout-themed poster images, just with elements scooted around to fit the particular dimensions of this piece).

Fallout is a property of Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media.
Post-Apocalyptic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
Reaper Miniatures "Chronoscope" #50051: Max Decker (28-32mm scale pewter gaming miniature), modified with a plastic "bit" from a Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy miniatures set (dwarf miners, I think), plus some Safari Ltd "Toob" toys (from "Down on the Farm") modified with assorted plastic Games Workshop Warhammer 40K bits, and an extra cow head made with some Instant Mold and some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty.  The rusty tractor is also from the "Down on the Farm" Toob set, just touched up with some acrylic paints to make it look a bit more Fallout-esque.

I fixed this up to represent one of the pre-generated heroes for a Savage Worlds RPG Fallout-themed scenario at Necronomicon ( in Tampa, Florida.  The character is a ghoul merchant who, prior to the Great War, was a door-to-door salesman and licensed service rep for ElectroSux Vacuum Cleaners.  After the bomb, he hasn't fully adapted to his new reality.  He travels as a wandering merchant, with his mutant cow ("brahmin"), dubbed "Corvega" -- and whom he refers to as if the cow were somehow a Corvega car, rather than a beast of burden -- e.g., "Let me see what I have in the trunk," as he checks the saddle bags.  He also has a heavily-modified "sample" vacuum cleaner -- essentially a "junk jet" as portrayed in the Fallout games.  

In game terms, his big "gimmick" for my one-shot scenarios is that he has a stockpile of all sorts of knickknacks, so if the player thinks of some tool that might be useful in a given situation, he can do a resource check, deduct the value of the item (as determined by the GM, if not on the price list) from the cache value, and -- voila!  He has JUST the thing!  That, and with the junk jet, he hardly ever has to worry about running out of ammunition in combat, since somehow it manages to turn just about anything a foot in diameter or smaller into a projectile.

"Fallout" is a property of Bethesda Softworks / ZeniMax Media.
Fallout Mr. Handy #2 (Brother Vinni)
Resin 28/32mm scale gaming miniature manufactured by Brother Vinni (of Russia), assembled and painted in craft acrylics, with slight modifications.

This is another Brother Vinni "Nuclear Sandlot Flying Bot (bot-fly)" miniature assembled and painted up for a future Fallout campaign -- and for a couple of Fallout-themed Savage Worlds RPG scenarios at Necronomicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Gaming Convention this upcoming weekend (October 28-30, 2016).

The resin is remarkably resilient for its size, but not indestructible.  I ran into some trouble when assembling the "eye stalks" on the robot, and ended up breaking a couple of them.  In order to salvage this, I ended up re-positioning the segments in an attempt to portray all three "eye stalks" as facing forward rather than just pointing off every which way.  The arms are modified, inspired by standard Mr. Handy robot attachments from the Fallout franchise, using a translucent plastic flame segment from a HorrorClix "Fire Breather" miniature for the flamethrower, and then a small watch gear and some putty for the cutting blade.

Background elements include some Hot Wheels track and playset pieces that I repainted and touched up with a bit of putty (to add some "post-apocalyptic damage" cracks and grime), and a building from a Spiderman game/playset in the background.
Recently, I've helped out with a few "figure flat" illustrations for the sci-fi/cyberpunk setting of "Interface Zero 2.0" (from Gun Metal Games), and I also wrapped up a sci-fi/horror campaign using a slight variation on the same setting.  (I was using the beta test rules, so some of the details of my setting were put together before all of the "fluff" came out for the proper IZ setting.  My version of Ceres, for instance, is a bit more remote and claustrophobic and horror-appropriate than the version that appears in the space supplement for IZ 2.0.)

Anyway, some of my more recent uploads are samples of the "flat art" done for a project related to that for the IZ 2.0 Kickstarter.  The idea is that, in lieu of having 3D miniatures, you might use little paper fold-ups that have pictures of characters and creatures to represent their positions on the table.  The artwork would end up being shrunk down to about 1" to 1.25" tall, so it's okay that it's a bit rough and sketchy.  Some of them suffer a bit more than others for being blown up large enough to show off here, so I'm definitely not sharing the whole lot of them.

Interface Zero 2.0 is a trademark of Gun Metal Games ( ).
Savage Worlds is a trademark of Pinnacle Entertainment Group ( ).


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Thanks!  I had a very happy birthday.  :)  I went out to Rock 'n' Brews (a restaurant franchise co-owned by Gene Simmons, with lots of rock memorabilia, classic rock videos playing on big screens around the place, and such).  It just so happened that they had a classic car (and motorcycle) show in the parking lot that day.  Too bad I didn't have my camera with me.  :(  (Next week I DID remember.  No car show that week, but as I was coming in the front door, the attendant told me to turn around -- and as I did and looked, I could see the trail of a rocket going up.  This place was out in the middle of a wide field, without much building-up nearby, so there were no obstructing trees or buildings, and for once it was a not-cloudy day.  I managed to snap off a picture of that, but ... eh, it's just a vertical trail in the sky.  I guess it's just one of those "you had to be there" things.)

But I digress.  There was a DeLorean (the stainless steel kind, a la Back to the Future), tons of Mustangs of various years, an old 1952 Ford F1 pickup (the kind the Fallout "Pick-R-Up" truck is modeled after), some crazy cars on overblown hydraulic suspension, some '50s hot rods ... but I think my favorite was this beat-up-looking car that looked like someone had taken a '30s coupe and "Mad-Maximized" it with an engine that needed cut-outs in the hood to make room for, with bolted-on bits of scrap metal here and there, and lots of rust.  The catch was ... it wasn't really rust.  The car had been done up with texture effects and spray-painted "dust."  No car wash would ever help THAT car.  Very cool.

Also, since this is Florida, the weather was just about perfect out on the deck.  Oh yeah, and the food was pretty good, too.

Anyway, I hope your Holidays are Happy!  (I'm too late to wish a Merry Christmas, unless retroactively, or very, VERY early.)
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Thanks muchly!  :)  My birthday was indeed happy.  (I'll just try not to think too much about how many candles....)
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