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Fallout Protectrons (Brother Vinni) by JordanGreywolf
Fallout Protectrons (Brother Vinni)
Two resin 28/32mm scale game miniatures from Brother Vinni (of Russia), based and painted up as Protectron robots from the "Fallout" series of post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic video games.  Also pictured are some "brick ruin" wall pieces from Armorcast (also painted up with craft acrylics).  The Protectron on the left is painted up in typical default color scheme found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, while the one on the right is painted up in Nuka-Cola bottling plant regalia.

These were painted for use in a couple of Savage Worlds RPG scenarios set in the Fallout universe, for the Necronomicon fantasy/sci-fi/horror convention held in Tampa, Florida in October of 2016.  (
Fallout Mr. Gutsy (Brother Vinni) by JordanGreywolf
Fallout Mr. Gutsy (Brother Vinni)
Resin 28/32mm scale gaming miniature manufactured by Brother Vinni (of Russia), painted up as a "Mr. Gutsy" robot from the Fallout series of retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic video games.  Also shown: plastic trash dumpster terrain piece from Reaper Miniatures (on left), and assorted brick ruins pieces from Armorcast (in background).

I used some printed paper details for the star on the Mr. Gutsy shell and the tattered poster on the back of the dumpster.

This was assembled, painted, and slightly modified for a couple of Fallout-themed Savage Worlds RPG scenarios for the Necronomicon sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention in Tampa, Florida in October of 2016.  (
Chieftain Rainmaker (Iron Kingdoms Gatorman) by JordanGreywolf
Chieftain Rainmaker (Iron Kingdoms Gatorman)
32mm scale gaming miniature conversion of Reaper Bones #77231 "Rugg, Bugbear Leader" and Reaper #0263 "Shrend, Alligator Man," along with pieces from Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy (dwarf battle banner) and Wargames Factory Roman Legion (legion battle standard), wire, and putty.

The figure is built up around "Rugg, Bugbear Leader," a "Bonesium" plastic figure with a very stout structure, left hand pointing in a commanding gesture, and right hand holding a banded and spiked beatstick.  The head and tail are from "Shrend, Alligator Man," blended, gap-filled, and with seams concealed with a good amount of epoxy putty (including the lumpy shoulder guard and thick necklace/amulet).  The battle banner was a spare bit from a Warhammer Fantasy dwarf set, with some wire for the banner pole (to make the figure more resilient when stored, in case the banner might get bent), while the Roman Legion banner pole pieces were used to add baubles and bits to the figure's jewelry.

This was put together for an Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG campaign run by a friend.  I got word that, as we're approaching the ending of the campaign, the chieftain father of our group's leader (a mighty gatorman warrior named "Sharptooth") would show up and give us our final (for the campaign) quest.  (We also had a friend visiting from out of town, and he would have the opportunity to play this character, rather than just relegating it to NPC status.)  

Rather than just digging out a random "gatorman" mini to represent this special character, I decided to do a special conversion.  "Sharptooth" is distinctive for having a battle banner on his back, so I figured it ought to be a trait that runs in the family.  Furthermore, one cultural trait of Gatormen in the Iron Kingdoms setting is that they tend to collect trophies from other sapient species.  Since the chieftain ought to be especially accomplished, I went with the dwarf banner, littered as it was with various bits and baubles (trophies?) hanging from it.

The character's name was given as "Chief Rainmaker."  I didn't imagine that swamp-dwelling gatormen would be *terribly* concerned about the rain, but I was inspired to treat it as a sort of euphemism.  That is, he's called "Chief Rainmaker," because when he goes berserk in battle, *it rains blood*.  To illustrated this, I tried painting some stylized (gator) teeth on the banner, with a stylized breaking bone, and then some "red blood drops" radiating outward.

The background terrain element is the base of another Reaper Bones figure, Kaladrax (#77192) -- a gigantic skeletal dragon.  I end up using the decorative base as "scatter terrain" in games far more than I have need for a gigantic skeletal dragon.

Also, the grass texture is actually a printed gaming mat (on a material similar to what's used in mouse pads, only a lot larger).  It looks surprisingly convincing for grass, save for the slight moire pattern effect that tends to show up in digital photos, and the faint texture of the mat itself (which probably does more to give the game away).
Mister Handy Trusts Abraxo! by JordanGreywolf
Mister Handy Trusts Abraxo!
Resin 28mm-scale game miniature from Brother Vinni -- "Nuclear Sandlot Flying Bot" -- modified with a spare clock gear (for saw blade attachment), flame element (from HorrorClix "Fire Breather" miniature), and paper "Abraxo" box, with a Bachmann Plasticville O-scale Diner in background, modified with acrylic paints, printed paper elements, and clear blister plastic (for "broken window" effects), on printed paper base.

This is a miniature painted up as a "Mister Handy" robot for a friend who is running a Fallout-themed game scenario at GenCon 2016, using the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars rules system.  (I also plan on running my own Fallout-themed games for Necronomicon, but I'll be using the Savage Worlds RPG system.)  I imagine that the poor robot has taken on the unenviable task of cleaning up a post-apocalyptic roadside diner.  No matter how much he trusts Abraxo, probably most of the "cleaning up" will involve his flame and saw attachments versus the radroaches taking up residence inside, and it's questionable whether the delapidated diner will still be standing once it's all over with.

Fallout is a trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC.
Roadrunner Memories 2016 by JordanGreywolf
Roadrunner Memories 2016
An illustration of a couple of roadrunners looking through a family album, drawn for my grandparents for the 2016 family reunion.  My grandmother's favorite animal is a roadrunner, so therefore cartoony "roadrunners" have been something of a mascot for our family reunions.  Due to various reasons (expense, stress, everyone getting scattered to the four winds and hence a lot of travel being involved) this was to be our last extended-family reunion this year.
Recently, I've helped out with a few "figure flat" illustrations for the sci-fi/cyberpunk setting of "Interface Zero 2.0" (from Gun Metal Games), and I also wrapped up a sci-fi/horror campaign using a slight variation on the same setting.  (I was using the beta test rules, so some of the details of my setting were put together before all of the "fluff" came out for the proper IZ setting.  My version of Ceres, for instance, is a bit more remote and claustrophobic and horror-appropriate than the version that appears in the space supplement for IZ 2.0.)

Anyway, some of my more recent uploads are samples of the "flat art" done for a project related to that for the IZ 2.0 Kickstarter.  The idea is that, in lieu of having 3D miniatures, you might use little paper fold-ups that have pictures of characters and creatures to represent their positions on the table.  The artwork would end up being shrunk down to about 1" to 1.25" tall, so it's okay that it's a bit rough and sketchy.  Some of them suffer a bit more than others for being blown up large enough to show off here, so I'm definitely not sharing the whole lot of them.

Interface Zero 2.0 is a trademark of Gun Metal Games ( ).
Savage Worlds is a trademark of Pinnacle Entertainment Group ( ).


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JordanGreywolf Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I need to find the time to get back to painting the rest of my figures. I've put some detail into the heroes, but for the zombies themselves, I haven't really done more than to just slap on some basic colors (for variety) and apply some washes.
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There are so much zombie that this is quite hard to paint them all, I've painted only two of them yet !
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Exactly! That's why I've tried to go through the minis all-at-once, basically -- though I'm not sure that it's really the better way of doing it. In other words, I take the whole mess of zombies, and base coat them. Then, get out the grey-blue "jean" color and go down the line and find what minis can use that color, and paint some in. Then let's get out the brown. Etc. Got everything roughly covered? Black acrylic wash all down the line. Etc. Not a one of them is FINISHED, but at least all of them are somewhere along in the process, and I think it makes them look better on the table than if I had a few finished and all the rest of them *not* finished. (At least, that's my theory.)

On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether I'll actually ever finish the lot of them, or whether I'll just keep stringing the whole thing along. (There is a certain advantage, a MEASURE OF PROGRESS in doing one mini at a time, so I can say with certainty how many are DONE, versus a very hard-to-quantify estimate of how far in the *process* I am with the whole lot at once.)
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